Level Up Advanced Warfare Clans For Exclusive Unlocks

Bullet Jan 12, 2015

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    Beachhead Studio have just announced that you can unlock exclusive in game rewards such as double XP, clan backgrounds, emblems and calling cards by leveling up your clan.


    In Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, Clans accumulate Clan XP by winning multiplayer matches together and competing for in-game gear and glory in Clans Wars. Your Clan Level increases at certain Clan XP milestones, including a total of 25 Clan Levels.

    Rewards* are earned at each Clan Level for all players within that Clan, as follows:

    1 Clan Background
    2 2XP
    4 Clan Background
    5 Clan Background
    6 Calling Card
    7 Clan Background / 2XP
    8 Clan Background
    9 Calling Card
    10 Clan Background
    11 Gold Tag / 2XP
    12 Clan Background
    13 Calling Card
    14 Clan Background
    15 Clan Background
    16 Calling Card
    17 Clan Background / 2XP
    18 Clan Background
    19 Calling Card
    20 Clan Background
    21 Clan Background / 2XP
    22 Clan Background
    23 Calling Card
    24 Clan Background
    25 Clan Background
    Max Red Tag / 2XP

    This is great news for competitive gamers, with more good news on the way regarding Clan Tokens in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Companion App, Beachhead say news will about this will be coming shortly.
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