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Latest dev survey shows clear preference for PS4

ADDZ Jul 9, 2014

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    Latest dev survey shows clear preference for PS4

    While PC and mobile remain the dominant platforms

    A Europe-wide survey of some 400 games development professionals finds that Sony's PlayStation 4 is the most popular TV console platform to work on.

    The study, conducted for organisers of the GDC Europe event, found that about a fifth of respondents are currently creating content for PS4, compared to about 13 per cent working on Xbox One games.


    Future projections depicted a slightly widening gap, with 33 per cent of respondents expecting to build PS4 games and 23 per cent looking to develop on Xbox One.

    Yet the data also shows the overall diminished relevance of consoles when compared to other platforms.

    About 58 per cent of respondents said they were working on PC titles, while 60 per cent said their next project would come to the platform.

    Mobile proved to be even mote popular, with 65 per cent of those asked currently working on mobile titles.

    The data comes as part of the "GDC Europe 2014 European State of the Industry Survey", published ahead of the key industry event that takes place from August 11. More information on the event can be found here.

    Elsewhere in the survey, respondents agreed that some 40 per cent of developers are considering crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, while half said the UK offers the best tax break incentives in Europe (though that is still seen as inferior to Canada).

    The surveyed developers also picked Sweden as the premier game development hub in Europe. The country is the home to Minecraft studio Mojang, as well as game studios such as DICE and Vlambeer. The survey also shows the UK and Germany as expected to overtake Sweden as the region's top hub in five years time.

    Source: CVG
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    This really does not surprise me, after the crap M$ pulled on indie devs with their half-baked XNA program, it's not a surprise they would go to PS where they were welcomed with open arms.
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