Killer Instinct Gets Another 'Free To Play' Character

Bullet Jan 25, 2014

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    Anyone that has downloaded the free to play revival of Rare's Killer Intinct by Double Helix will know that there isn't much choice of free to play characters. In order to get new characters you must purchase them using ugly micro transactions.

    On release you could only play as Jago for free until Double Helix made Saberwulf a previously pay to play character, free.


    Now they have decided to add another free character in the form of Thunder,, however this does mean you will not be able to play as Saberwulf for free anymore.

    Those of you that remember the original version of Killer Instinct way back in 1996 will probably know that Thunder was known as Chief Thunder , a Native American is armed with two tomahawks.

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    is this only for first time downloads im on my one just now and i ve only got jago showing up as free ?

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