Jungleflasher on win7 64 bit without F8 boot

Bullet May 14, 2010

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    As you may (or may not) know, the new 64bit compatible Jungle Flasher requires you to disable the Windows 7 driver signing policy by hitting F8 every time you boot up as the 64 bit PortIO driver isn’t digitally signed.

    After a bit of digging we found a nice workaround that completely patches the Windows Patchguard system. No more F8 and rebooting and no more Test Mode – works 100%

    All info and files were found on fyyre.ivory-tower.de – so full credits go to Fyyre (Follow his Twitter)

    The patch is a simple 3 stage process and is completely uninstallable. Takes just a few seconds to implement.
    This patch is for Windows 7 X64. It directly modifies ntoskrnl.exe & winload.exe to remove Microsoft’s “PatchGuard” and requirement of driver signing.

    This is accomplished by patching 6 bytes inside ntoskrnl.exe and four bytes inside of winload.exe.

    I originally made this for myself… wanting to again be able to hook inside of ntoskrnl like with X86 Windows.

    Copy the files to your desktop. First run 1.cmd, then 2.exe and click patch, then run 3.cmd. After reboot select Patchguard Disabled option and thats it


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