Joystiq Getting Axed By AOL

Bullet Jan 27, 2015

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    Numerous sources are reporting that Joystiq is getting axed by AOL in a bid to streamline its services.
    Joystiq which was founded in 2004 as the gaming part of Engadget but later became its own entity and was purchased by AOL in 2005.

    Joystiq has been nominated for several awards in the category of technology-related weblogs, but always overshadowed by blogs representing a far wider spectrum of technology, including Gizmodo, and its once sibling Engadget.

    Axing flagging gaming websites seems to be a current trend, Future will be closing CVG, host of The Golden Joystick Awards sometime this month after a Six month reprieve to save staffs jobs. It is unsure how long the closure of Joystiq which has 14 staff has been on the cards, we do know it will be closed within the next few weeks.

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