Jack Tretton Stepping Down as SCEA President and CEO

Bullet Mar 6, 2014

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    Jack Tretton has stepped down as Sony Computer Entertainment America’s president and CEO, the company announced today. Tretton’s departure will be effective as of March 31.
    In its announcement, Sony said the move was “a mutual agreement between Mr. Tretton and SCEA not to renew their contractual relationship.”
    Sony Network Entertainment International executive vice president and COO Shawn Layden will be taking over as SCEA’s new president and CEO starting on April 1.
    You can find today’s announcement in full below:
    Source:Sony PR
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    I see alot of people looking at this like a sign of bad things to come. Its really unclear. I look at some of the history of Sony. Where their lack of Japanese games. Also not allowing games to be sold without having English titles. (Russian shooters and gta clones). They used to have a ban on 2D Games. So I am assuming (just like some assume this companies going down under) that We will get more global releases. more Japanese without the translation requirements (english text on the title, or dubs). More On the rail shooters. Also maybe See some changes to the vita where you can use multiple PSN accounts. Thats a network thing and the (former?) networking COO is taking over. So yeah I look at this in a positive light. For worse things I expect more free games, more pc ports, and more dlc

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