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Install some Gran Turismo 5 DLC now or lose it forever on April 30

NaCLy AF Feb 24, 2014

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    As Sony has previously announced, Gran Turismo 5 online services will be terminated on May 30, ending access to the Online Lobby, Seasonal Events, Museum, News, Community, Remote Race, Log in Bonus and Online Dealership features.

    Sony has also announced that all DLC for Gran Turismo 5 will be removed from the PlayStation store earlier, on April 30.

    If you purchase a Racing Car Pack, Course Pack and other DLC items, you’ll be able to download and install them again if you acquire the free “Family Upgrade” item and follow the instructions outlined on Gran Turismo’s website.

    However, after April 30, you will not be able to download and install the Paint Pack and Racing Gear Pack if you lose or delete Gran Turismo 5’s save data.

    In addition, Gran Turismo TV, which gives players access to racing related video content, will no longer be available through Gran Turismo 5 starting March 14.

    “We would like to thank everyone for their passion in supporting Gran Turismo 5’s online services, and we look forward to providing even better online services for Gran Turismo 6,” Sony said.

    Source: GameSpot
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