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Infamous: Second Son lead designer quits Sucker Punch.

XPG Darkside Mar 18, 2014

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    Infamous: Second Son lead designer Jaime Griesemer has announced his departure from developer Sucker Punch.


    Griesemer made the announcement earlier today via Twitter when he said, "Yes, I have left SP. Not really talking about it yet, tho."


    This comes just days before the release date of the PS4-exclusive open world adventure game, which is due out on March 21.

    Griesemer joined Sucker Punch in 2011 as a boss designer for the Infamous 2 expansion, Infamous: Festival of Blood, before moving onto Second Son.

    Prior to Sucker Punch, Griesemer was a long-serving developer at Bungie, having started with Halo developer in 2001 as a game design lead on Halo 2. Griesemer provided 'additional design' to Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo ODST, and Halo Reach, and served as lead game designer on Destiny, which launches later this year.

    Griesemer held back details on his plans for the future.

    Infamous: Second Son, one of the PS4's first major titles in 2014, stars new protagonist Delsin Rowe, who's capable of various super-human powers including manipulation of smoke, electricity and 'neon'.
    Sucker Punch has confirmed that there'll be two digital versions of Infamous: Second Son available on the PS Store from midnight on release day; the standalone title and Infamous Second Son Legacy Edition.

    The latter will contain the first Infamous Second Son DLC pack, which is titled Cole's Legacy.

    Source CVG
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