Indie horror title Grave coming to Xbox One via ID@Xbox

XPG Darkside Apr 14, 2014

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    ID@Xbox certainly seems to be picking up pace, and there seems to be new games getting announced with every passing day.

    The latest? Grave from Broken Window Studios.

    The atmospheric survival horror title will feature a rapid day night cycle where the terrain changes every sun up, and is currently attempting a Kickstarter campaign to help with development. With 13 days to go, it's just under a third of the way towards its $30,000 goal.


    Planned for release on Linux, Mac, Oculus Rift, PC and now Xbox One in 2015, the game has you use light to fight off your otherworldly attackers, a little like Alan Wake but much, much creepier.

    The Kickstarter page claims that Grave aims to 'reinvent' survival horror - "The player can take action when frightening moments occur, but has to use strategy to find the right tool for the right job.

    This isn't just about stockpiling or storing inventory items." It also claims that its "ever-changing" world is inspired by surrealist art. I'm definitely seeing flashes of Dali and Magritte - how about you?
    Check out the game's GDC trailer below.

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