I Resolved Xbox 360 Slim Random Reset Issue By Replacing Drive

savstar Mar 15, 2013

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    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I would share with you my experience of fixing the reset issue, many people have claimed to have suffered from, with thexbox 360 slim console.

    Now I cannot garuntee this will work for everyone experiencing the issue, however it may work for some.

    Now I rooted every possible cause, that was making the console possibly reset randomly.

    I checked the console motherboard for solder bridges, blown capasitors/resistors etc, also checked HDD/HDMI cable/Sata cables. Even replaced the sata cables and power cables to the dvd drive.

    I did have Xk3y before the issues eventually started, and I did notice that the console worked 100% fine in emulation, with no restarts. Then as soon as I used Passthru mode, I would then get random restarts everytime I was in Passthru mode.

    So this definately made me think that my drive was at fault, using the drive without the xkey installed as normal, would still result in the console randomly restarting from only 30 mins of use to maybe 4-5 hours of use.

    So I reckoned, when MS locked the SPI flash and updated my drive from 9504 firmware to 0272 firmware, something must have gone wrong and caused the drive to become defective?

    I can't say this was the cause for sure, but I almost garuntee it was this that caused the drive to become faulty, as the drive worked flawless without any restarts before it was updated to 0272 firmware by MS.

    Now I tried Kamikaze hack, as I had winbond chip and thought I had nothing to loose anyway, considering the drive was defective. The Kamikaze hack failed for me lol, though lucky for me, I had my drive key backed up.

    Long story short, I purchased a replacement dg-16d4s with 9504 FW unlocked SPI on ebay for around £36.00.

    Came next day delivery.

    I flashed it to LT 3.0 firmware, Locked the SPI flash and tested out in the console.

    So far, have not experienced one console restart after playing for a solid 7-8 hours for two days in a row.

    I think I have resolved the issue with the random restarts, so I hope this information will help anyone else out who experiences the same issues.

    P.S Sorry for the long post ;)

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