I Promise the most epic mc sever ive been on especially if you like pvp

ShadowKilla2200 Apr 21, 2014

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    Premium/Cracked Server


    Survival: This server is a griefing server, however, you are able to protect your land with the residence plugin! Players that have not been given permissions are unable to break anything in your residence! Doors and chests are completely protected from being accessed or destroyed, except by the people you have given the permission to do so! We even have our own custom backpacks which can be crafted and used to store up to three extra lines of items. We also have a /sethome plugin, and you can set up to two different teleport locations this way! We even have our own currency called "DarkShards" thanks to the installed economy plugin! You can even make a shop to sell your items to other players while you are not online! Not to mention the amazing live map on our website that gives you a basic overview of the entire Survival world, as well as the locations of players, so you can find a nice place to build, hunt other players, or stay away from them! This is our most popular server, so you'll find many friends here.

    Creative: Want to show off your creativity and building skills for everyone to see, or do you just want to see how your dream house would look with your own eyes before building it? Then this is the server for you! Each player gets a 128 by 128 plot of land that they can call their own, or share with some friends!

    SkyBlock: Ever wanted to share a SkyBlock island with a friend, or show off your surviving abilities? Get ready for this one! The all-famous SkyBlock map is now on the server! Start out with a lava bucket, two Ice, and some farming supplies, then work your way up in the world and obtain rewards from the challenges! There's even a ranking system on the server, where you can show off the level of your island for every other SkyBlock player to see! Don't forget that you don't have to play alone! Invite a friend to the server to play with, or compete against!

    MoveCraft: Can you fly? On this server you can! You can build a ship and make it fly! This server also features many of the same plugins as the Survival server! If you don't really know much about MoveCraft, don't worry about it. There's a short, written tutorial at the spawn to give you a brief description of how to build and operate a ship!


    Also ill give out a full set of diamond armor,sword and pic to start you off lol youll need it just message me _XPG_ when you see me online ShadowKilla2200

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