How Watch Dogs Heat System Differs From GTA Wanted Level

Bullet May 21, 2014

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    Many people seems to be comparing Ubisoft's latest open world action adventure Hacktivist game with Rockstars massive smash hit game GTA V which is only natural as both games do have a lot in common.
    One thing that does work differently in the game though is what happens when you been a naughty boy and attract the attention of the feds!


    Creative Director Jonathan Morin revealed the differences in the two games when it comes to being on the wrong side of the law whilst being interviewed by the examiner and we found the differences quite interesting:

    There’s definitely a few things you can do,” say's Morin when he was asked how “Watch Dogs” will handle differently from “Grand Theft Auto V.” “The difference between let’s say the star system in GTA and the heat system, is that the heat system is more of a memory system. Like what is the heat on you right now, which doesn’t mean you have cops on you.
    “You might do bad things that climb the heat, but nobody had the guts to call the cops. If you run around with a gun, for example, someone might call the cops, but they might also be just really scared and say, ‘okay I’m not going to p**s off that person right now.

    Ok well that doesn't sound much different right, but then Morin went on to explain:

    It’s more like a meter of when the cops are called, that justifies the repercussions of what’s going to be thrown at you, as opposed to GTA it’s like inevitably you start at zero and then you carry out crimes [to raise your wanted level]. Since our game is based on technology and you have this reputation, we wanted to map the idea of media and reputation as being the systems that define what happens to you and how people perceive you. That’s why we wanted to have that disconnect between cops being called versus the heat on you right now.

    So there you have it folks a clear cut difference in how you will be handled when you go on a crime spree, just remember guys that 'everything is connected' in Chicago.

    Watch Dogs releases on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27

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