How To Use Xbox One External Storage Before June Update

Bullet Jun 1, 2014

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    One of the most anticipated features that Xbox One owners have been waiting for since release has to be the ability to use external storage devices. Those that are in the system update preview will already be able to connect up to 2 external USB 3.0 devices.
    However one Xbox One owner has created a utility that will allow those that are not in the update preview to still be able to use external storage devices, not only that but the devices do not have to be USB3.0 as stipulated by Microsoft.
    Angerwound creator of the very first Xbox 360 resigners and tools such as Xplorer360 which also gave Xbox owners the ability to get access to their games consoles saved data on an XBOX 360 formatted device which was extremely useful for extracting gamesaves and profile data.
    This Xbox One storage convertor/ Xplorer not only allows you to read/write but it will also allow you to create partitions on the storage device and also allows you to use a USB 2.0 device which is great news for those that do not have USB3.0 devices.

    This application is fantastically simple to use, if you would like to start using external storage devices now, before the official June update, then download 'The Xbox One External Storage Convertor'

    You can now format a device ready to use on the Xbox One using this app by pressing the 'Create Xbox One Drive' or you can format it on the console in the conventional manner providing your device is USB 3.0

    Once formatted using your preferred method connect the device to your Windows machine and open the application.


    Now press 'Scan'. This will show you the connected device(s)

    If you have not already formatted the device on the Xbox One console, do so now on the application by pressing 'Create Xbox One Drive' and then pressing 'Scan'

    If you already have an Xbox formatted drive and want to view the contents of the drive, select the drive and right click, then select 'Enable PC Mode'


    You will now be able to read/write to the Xbox formatted device prior to the official June Update!


    This application scans and makes modifications to the MBR of the drive. Angerwound takes no responsibility for any damage done to the device or loss of data caused by utilizing this application.
    This has been tested on only a handful of drives; so there could be issues. Use at your own risk.

    Note: To use a USB2.0 device you will need to plugin a USB3.0 device and then unplug it at least once!

    Credits: Angerwound

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