How To Unreset Yourself!

XPGBuSh Apr 25, 2011

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    Note: this only works if you didn't play a multiplayer public match after being reset and you are still lvl 1!

    A new way to unreset yourself after the latest patch on March 1st. With this glitch you can edit your Playercard and it won't get reset.

    1. Have your friend invite you to his Playermatch lobby.

    2. Go to Playercard>Leaderboards

    3. Click (X), so you can change the filter.

    4. Hover that little box that pops up prompting you to change the Leaderboards filter to Players:Friends or Everyone and Duration: Weekly, Monthly, or All-Time.

    5. Ask your friend to switch the lobby to Combat Training.

    6. Once the lobby has switched to Combat Training, still keep on hovering over the Leaderboards filter and press the Guide button (Big X in the middle of the controller).

    7. Then go to Xbox Live Party and choose any Gamertag in Your Xbox Live Party. *There must be players in your Xbox Live Party.

    8. Once you clicked a Gamertag,click on "View COD Playercard".

    9. Press Back on the Leaderboards filter option to cancel, then Fileshare, and keep pressing Back until you see the "Edit player card" option. You can edit your playercard as well and click save.

    10. Go to online player match and you will be unreset

    Credz goes to MURK XDL4N

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