How To Survive starter with Modded Inventory[Xbox 360 gamesave]

xxxAcid Aug 26, 2014

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    File Name: How To Survive starter with Modded Inventory
    File Submitter: xxxAcidFile Submitted: 26 Aug 2014
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    im aware a starter save was made a while back for this game but mines more appealing iv edited the characters inventorys to make the game easier and more fun​

    all 3 characters are level 15 and have a maxed skill tree
    all 3 characters are have the strongest armour in the game reinforced with flint​
    the armour rank and the unlocked skillscarrys over into multplayer challenge modes so your good for online if you can find anyone to play with [​IMG]
    kenzi and jack are both very early into the game just after when you get the torch/flashlight so are basically starter saves but abby is 48% complete as it was the character i was using to play before i started editing the save this means some of the little tutorial books you pick up have been collected but not all​

    what makes this save unique is

    kenzi has
    Golden iron axe (1 hit kills on normal zombies)
    Golden stabilized carbon long bow pulley with 9999 feathered arrows
    Golden handmade machine gun with 9999 handmade gun ammo
    Golden Triple Sticks Cutting Boomrang
    9999 Steak N' Mushrooms (best food for sorting hunger)
    9999 lemonade (best for thirst)
    9999 medipacks

    jack has
    High Capacity Improved Chainsaw with 9999 Jerrycans full Of gasoline lol
    Golden Handmade Fast Shotgun with 9999 handmade gun ammo
    9999 medipacks
    and his armour is in the backpack which you need to equip

    abby has
    a backpack full of decent weapons and items and various mission items i dont remember them exactly as i was using her to identify what all the items are in game [​IMG]

    extract the file from the rar, resign the save in 360 revolution with your ids, inject to usb device then move to your hdd and enjoy

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    This starter save all 3 OF THEM for HOW TO SURVIVE say corrupted save after you try to return to second island with battery, it will not let you return it freezes machine when you try to then when you start last save it puts you back onto 3 rd island and you have to search for battery again, what good is looking for it if you cannot get off the island.

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