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Bullet Jun 27, 2014

  1. Bu

    Bullet Guest

    Google are releasing a plethora of new features on Youtube, one of which is 'Fan Funding' which allows you to receive donations from your fans.
    If you have an army of loyal subscribers then you do not want to miss this opportunity to monetize your channel.
    This feature is in beta mode right now so needless to say spaces are limited and you will have to sign up to be included in the testing phase of Fan Funding.


    The beta will only be open to channels and viewers in a select few countries to start off with, USA, Mexico, Japan and Australia are included right now but more countries will be included soon.

    You will need to go to the link below to register for the beta of fan funding and enter a contact email, so make sure you use an email address that you regularly check.

    Enter your channel name, be sure to only enter your actual channel name and not the full url to your channel.
    Specify whether you are part of a multi channel network

    Finally select which category best describes your channel.

    Don't miss your chance, go to this link and register immediately, please post back to let us know if you applied and of course if you got in.
    Find out more about the other updates that will be coming to Youtube such as 60FPS video support here.
  2. Ro

    Rocky Guest

    Thanks Bullet, Just signed up ;)
  3. Bu

    Bullet Guest

    Good luck, only USA, Mexico, Japan and Australia are included right now in the beta.

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