How to Open Nat for Ps4

BigDdog Jan 4, 2014

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    Hey, I see that nothing has been posted here yet. So I figured I'd throw a quick tut I made on how to get a open nat type for those that don't have it already on their Ps4.

    Alright first things first lets turn on the ps4 and navigate over to the [settings | network | view connection status] - and take a picture of the info there, then turn off the ps4 for now.

    Next: We will want to set up a static Ip address for your Ps4

    If you know your routers address then log right in :)

    If not try this

    ( Start -> Run -> cmd -> ipconfig)

    Your default Gateway will bring you to your router. Most routers default passwords can be found via google.

    Now set up a static Ip address to what ever you would like, It should be under your settings in LAN Setup and save the changes. Make sure to write down what ever one you decide.

    This is mine

    Now, Go to your port forwarding tab and add these to the list. With the ip address you just set up and save the changes.

    TCP - 80
    TCP - 443
    TCP - 1935
    TCP - 3478-3480
    UDP- 3478-3479

    Now go into your admin tab or settings and reboot your router.

    Next: Start your ps4,

    Go to [settings | network | set up internet connection | use wi-fi or lan | Custom | and put in your new static ip and other info found in the picture you took in the start of the tut.

    Test your network connection to make sure it works.

    And reset your Ps4 for good measure.

    You should now have a open Nat on Cod and Bf4

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