How To Mod Spec Ops Chaos Mode, Regular Spec Ops and Single Player All In 1 Online Save :p

TheHive DPH Aug 7, 2012

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    What you need:1st off. Credit here to D1G1TAL for creating the save. They were intentionally ment for regular spec ops but I have just tryed them out to see if they work on Chaos mode and they do. Some cool modded saves on their the most helpfull 1 of all being close to invincible. Cheers D1G1.

    To begin plug in your USB stick to your 360 then transfer your MW3 single player save to it then place the USB in your computer. Now open 360 Revolution. When opened click tools then packet manage and open D1G1TALS mods folder then choose the Custom Mods Free Play Modded Gamesave. Now simply change the ID's to your own and rehash and resign. If you don't know your ID's or don't have them saved in the packet manager then you will need to open your MW3 singleplayer save on your USB stick in packet manager before you do this then save your ID's. Once you have rehashed and resigned simply click tools on 360 rev, open device explorer find your USB stick then click through the folders untill you get to your MW3 folder. Now simply Inject the modded save into the single player save on your drive and click overwrite. Give it a few minutes to transfer the save. After a few mins close your drive, and place your USB back in your 360 and load MW3. Choose your USB as your save device. Now click single player and continue game. Once singleplayer has loaded you will notice you have the mod's if you have followed this tutorial correctly. Now simply save and exit and choose what mode you want to play whether it be singleplayer, normal spec ops, Spec ops missions or the new Chaos mode. To play Co-op mode please ensure your partner is using the same mods otherwise the game will glitch out and please remember their is a risk of being banned by using any type of mods on MW3 especially if you use them to get high on the leaderboards. I will say if you be sensible like I have this will reduce the risk considerably. I have been using them for the past month and not had a problem.

    Please don't forget to Thank/+ Rep D1G1TAL when you visit his thread to download the save's as a lot of hard work goes into making these mod's and the dude has been kind enough to share them with us.

    Cheers guy's.
    Stay Safe, and have fun ;)

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