How to mod Forza2 20mil Hex [tutorial]

Bullet Sep 16, 2011

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    First of all remove all patches on the game through the memory cache clear (settings, memory, hdd, press Y, then X, X, LB, RB, X, X) *DO NOT FORMAT lol

    1 - Load up the game, select MU to make a new save on, rather than your main save on HDD (unless you only want 20mill once)
    2 - Then without updating and disconnected from live and make a save after choosing car and region on career
    3 - Exit and get that save on your PC
    4 - Open up a Hex Editor and open the file
    5 - Search for the Text String named "credits" (If you find more than one "credits" present then change them all as follows)
    6 - You will see the search finds this and hi-lights credits on the hex side as its hex conterparts
    7 - If you look it'll have "00 00 00 00..." then finally display "03" after the original found search on the hex code side ("00 00... 00 00 03" after the hex code for "credits")
    8 - This "03" is what your looking for to change
    9 - From that "03" onwards you need to change as follows...

    03 00 00 00 00

    - to -

    03 05 F5 E0 FF

    10 - Then save, Rehash & Resign and put back onto MU
    11 - Start up the game offline and you will see u have 99,999.999cr once updated it will drop to 20,000.000cr
    12 - This can then be auctioned to a friend then back to your original account on the HDD main save you've been playing :)

    - Repeat if need to gain infinite amounts of credits, but the process has to be done in full each time :p

    - Enjoy

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