How To Mod Any SP Character To Anything! (Turn Into Alien) USB Mods!

J3R3MY Jul 19, 2014

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    you are going to need the GTA 5 save editor, and Hex editor
    1) make a quick save with the character you want to turn into a different model
    2) save that quick save onto a USB flash drive
    3) open that save in GTA 5 save editor
    4) go to Block and extract the PSIN file.
    5) open up that PSIN file in Hex editor
    6) Open up the Character model hash list that's given in the video's description
    7) hit Ctrl F and find Player_one (Franklin), Player_two (Trevor), or Player_zero (Micheal), this depends on who you made the quick save with in the beganning
    8) Copy the numbers after 0x
    9) On the Hex editor hit Ctrl R and a replace option will pop up
    10) In the Search for box paste the Player_one or two or zero value
    11) In the Replace with box paste a any value from the character model hash list.
    12) Hit replace all and save the PSIN
    13) Go back to the Save editor and go to block and replace the PSIN with the one you just saved.
    14) Go back to the character section in save editor and choose Whatever character you had began with. and hit save.
    15) load up the game save from the USB and Load up gta 5 story mode
    16) your character will be frozen, to unfreez just go to GTA online using the pause menu and than leave gta online.
    17) you will now be the character model you had replace.

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