How to Make Your Own Turtle Beaches!

Bullet Sep 18, 2011

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    This is so simple i cannot believe people spend those outrageous prices on turtle beech headsets. I heard 250 dollars!

    What you will need depends on what you already have, as there are several ways you can do this.

    Plug n Play Method
    Check your T.V for a headphone jack. and simply plug in your head phones to that. A few adjustments to the tv volume and in game sound, and you wont be defend by harriers and you can still talk to your mates. Of course u need your own standard headphones.

    Adapter Method (Not recommended but cheaper than third way)
    Go to an electronics store and purchase two adapters. The first being a 3.5mm socket female - female (the headphone jacks on either side) the second adapter is a Dual Rca PLUG (FEMALE) to a 3.5mm plug (male)
    To connect it simply take the two Audio cables directly from your xbox and plug into the RCA adapter, then plug that adapter into the 3.5mm adapter and your headphones into that.
    The drawback to this method is you have no volume control and you are stuck with the volume that the xbox puts out as standard.

    Custom Methods (ONLY IF FIRST FAILS and you dont like SECOND)
    This method is a bit more complicated, but its still a fraction of the price of turtle beeches. You may need a soldering iron depending on what you yourself can find.
    DVD players, stereos and vcrs sometimes have volume knobs on them, as well as headphone jacks. Sometimes its simple just plug your headphones (AND YOUR XBOX) there instead of the tv or adapters. Look around your house and ask friends to try and get one before going out and buying. If you cant do that and dont wanna buy one (dvd players are expensive where im at) you can purchase a "In Line Volume Controller" or something similar from a electronics store. Essentially it is the same as the afore-mentioned adapter method, but with a volume knob on it. Some soldering may be required and basic electronics knowledge. If u can JTAG, you can do this. All you should have to solder to the "In Line Volume Controller" is the RCA port to plug your audio into. They usually have the volume knob already, and the headphone jack. It will have the RCA Screw pins inside, which you will need to attach to some RCA plugs

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