How to fix a non-charging battery pack

Bullet Sep 18, 2011

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    I tried the old technique of unplugging and replugging the battery pack in until it stayed red for longer, but this didn't work for me.

    This is how to completely drain the battery pack and reset it so that it will start to charge again!

    What you need:
    • Rechargeable battery packs (the ones we are trying to fix)
    • a few paper-clips
    • A charging station or whatever you use to recharge your packs

    First bend your paper clip into a horse shoe shape, it is easier if you do a few

    Draining the Battery pack
    You'll see 6 pins on the battery of the battery pack.
    [] [] [] [] [] []

    You need to use the horseshow paper-clip to touch pins 2 and 5 together (in red)
    The paper clip will get hot, when it does either change paper clips or let it cool
    Repeat this until there is no charge left in the battery (the paper clips will no longer get hot)

    *When you first do this, you may find the paper clip doesn't get hot, keep pressing 2 and 5 together and you will begin to feel the heat*

    To Reset the battery indicator circuit
    [][] [] [] [][]

    First touch pin 1 and 5 together (blue)

    [] [][] [] [] []

    Then touch pin 2 and 6 together (red)

    Now you should be finished!

    plug it into the dock and good luck!

    (if you have problems with the light not coming on at all, repeat the last step, or drain a bit more before repeating the last step)

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