How to connect to xbox live using a mobile broadband dongle

TheHive DPH Apr 24, 2011

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    Ok when we moved house a while back we had no internet so I used my t-mobile dongle to get online. Since then a lot of people hav been asking me how to do it because they were going on holiday and wanted to take their xbox or they were moving themselves. So here's how to do it...

    Once you have configured your dongle to work on your computer go to Control panel then network setup wizard.
    Follow the instructions on the screen untill you reach a part that will have 3 options to choose from about other computers on your network. One of them will say something like this computer connects directly to the internet. the Other computers on this network connect to the internet through this computer. Select that option then carry on with the wizard. Once the network setup wizard is complete connect your dongle to the internet and run a ethernet cable from your xbox to your computer. If you have followed the instructions correctly you should now be able to connect to live.

    The quality of the games depend on the quality of your dongle and network. Mines a basic one on t-mobile so I sometimes get good games and sometimes get bad games but none the less I do get into games and can do my thing plus it only costs £2 a month. However one of my buddy's was using a 3 mifi dongle and he was sitting in the back of his dads caravan playing MW2 on the M6 and was getting 6 meg down and 1 meg up.

    Hope this helps a few of you, If you have any problems feel free to send me a message... :morpheus:

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