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XPG Darkside Aug 14, 2014

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    Once you get to the final puzzle this is where the game starts playing tricks with you there a different number of ways to solve it.

    Once you here the clock strike 12 quickly run to the clock that says 23.59 it will change to 12.00.

    Once it has changed focus in on it and you will here the baby laugh now go to the radio and it will laugh again. Now go to the phone and it will ring and game completes.

    Option 2 is the same as one except once the clock has changed to 12.00 go to the door as you circle back around and there is some text above it focus on that and the baby will laugh then go to the phone and focus it will laugh again and game completes.

    Option 3 go to the clock again once it has reached 12 go to the phone first focus baby will laugh then go to the radio focus baby will laugh then go to the phone it will ring and end the game.

    This is different for every person what downloads the game so try all of the above options and watch out for the scary lady ghosts what randomly jumps out at you she scared the Fecal Leaking out of me.

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