How to Boost Kill confirmed [Legit]

Bullet Dec 3, 2011

  1. Bu

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    This tutorial will show you how to boost kill confirmed.

    Difficulty 1/10

    You will need:

    * 2 people

    * Tactical inserstions equipped

    * Assasins Perk

    * Silenced sniper rifle for one person.

    Once you have your equipment sorted out, you are ready to boost!

    Perhaps the hardest part is finding a good spot where nobody would think to look in any map.

    The person getting the XP needs to put down the tactical insertion and get your friend to kill you by getting a headshot. Note that your friend will also be getting some XP for getting the headshots ( bonus )

    Now when the person getting shot ( the one getting XP ) respawns they automatically collect their own tags which is 250xp.

    You can expand on this method so that both people get XP by using different weapons etc.

    Also you can use Double XP to help the boost!

    Have an expiriment and see what xp you can get per round and let us know ;)

    Happy Boosting!

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