How To Become A Legit Hoster

PS2 May 30, 2013

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    Hey XPG and for some of the newbies out their to hosting lobbies here are some quick and easy step to become a well known and respected hoster :)

    step 1 - so proof that you can host ! make videos showing what you can host showing your JTAG or RGH that will help out a lot !!

    step 2 - don't charge alot of money ! for example when i was hosting MW2 TU6 mod menus i would charge 1 dollar a lobby and trust me once you get well known you can charge more but i highly recommend that if you want to be known for a legit services dont charge a lot that money will add up if you charge low amounts.

    step 3 - don't brag about being a hoster because once you do have fun dealing with 10 year old leechers ;)

    step 4 - don't act like your a bad a** because you can host a lot of people will give you rep and you'll be known for being a d**k and that wont bring in the money or the fans !

    step 5 - always try and make your lobbies fun laugh with people your hosting with talk with people you host with and you might just find that person who will try and help you out alot and pay for the lobbies ;)

    their are some quick and easy step to be known for hosting lobbies and trust me do these and you will get known and the money will flow in and the fans will love you <3

    - PS2 -

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