How to avoid R* BANHAMMER

FreddyZVoorhees Aug 6, 2014

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    Hey guys, I'll be sharing by now lots hints to avoid R*'s Banhammer, most of them are obviously, by the way here you go:

    Do NOT create a R* Socialclub account... I know, nobody will do this one, because everyone wants to get the free stuff in-game and join crews, and all that kind of stuff, but if you do NOT link a Socialclub account, its more difficult to R* to track your progress for example.

    Do NOT join a random crew on Socialclub(if you do create an account) players from random crews, are able to see your money and RP level, and YOUR PLAY TIME, so they'll probably report you, if they see you, just tag a long in a crew with people that are your friends.

    Do NOT download the iFruit App for your phone, when you use the app, R* is more likely to check up your profile.

    Grab a legit Savegame for campaign, this one doesn't help much, but still R* and players are able to see your campaign records, so If there's anything wrong, they might start paying attention on your GTA Online character.

    If you want to be more protected, this'll take a bit more of work... Create a secondary character, and every time you log off, get into that character first, then you can turn off your console, and with that done, on your Socialclub's page, there'll be your secondary character for people to view stats and it'll be legit, except for your money(Because the character's bank's are connected) but people will know it's a secondary character, but they won't know how you used mods to get rank or money.

    More hints will be added as time goes on ;)
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    Great topic, this should help members out when modding, boosting etc ;)

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