How The Xbox One Graphics Will Kick Butt

Bullet Apr 14, 2014

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    We have all heard the amazing claims about Direct x12 and how it will greatly improve the Xbox One's graphics which is great news and with all great news there always seems to be some bad news right? Well the bad news is that Direct X12 isn't expected to launch until the later part of 2015. It's not all doom and gloom though as the current software will still receive updates in the meantime and companies such as 'Graphine Software' are already working on applications that will vastly improve the Xbox One's graphics.

    Graphine's SDK 'Granite' enables you to have the extremely detailed object surfaces needed to render in high definition, it can easily generate graphical landscapes with HD textures and still maintain strong compression.

    Granite will work alongside Direct X 11.2 which means we will see vast improvements in the Xbox One's graphics sooner rather than later according to CEO of Graphine:

    “The Granite SDK supports both software and hardware virtual texturing. The latter is also called ‘Tiled Resources’ in DX 11.2 or Partially Resident Textures in OpenGL. The benefit with hardware virtual texturing is that the hardware now takes care of filtering across tile borders as well as fetching the correct pixel from the cache.

    “This makes the shaders less complex and faster to execute. Another big advantage is that you don’t need to add pixel borders to your tiles so that the memory usage can be reduced. The Granite SDK will automatically switch to hardware virtual texturing if it is available on your system, or it will fall back to software virtual texturing if it’s not.

    This is great news for the future of the Xbox One.

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    i cant wait i notice the xbox one still struggles with games like bf4 as for example when you zoom with a snipe graphics/textures are all over the place .

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