Preview Hidden object puzzler Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death hits PS3 today

ADDZ Jul 2, 2014

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    Hidden object puzzler Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death hits PS3 today

    Descend into hell to save your loved one from a fiendish she-demon

    Nthing can ruin a marriage proposal like an uninvited guest, especially when the guest is a she-demon that feeds on human suffering.

    Mark had planned the perfect evening: first, a romantic dinner at his girlfriend’s apartment, then getting smothered with kisses after he popped the question.

    He would have pulled it off, too, if it hadn’t been for the spell book he found on the terrace. AND if he hadn’t read the ancient words scribbled on its pages. Has this guy never seen The Evil Dead?


    In a fury of flame and hell smoke, there she was: Lilit, complete with black lips, nails to die for (or die by), and a pair of devilish horns. In a flash, she snatched up Mark and dragged him to the underworld. Think of the last shot of Drag Me To Hell on steroids.

    Tiffany, of course, wasn’t going to let another woman steal her man, so she set out to get him back.

    As you can tell, we had fun coming up with the scenario for Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death, a hidden object puzzle adventure (HOPA) out today on PlayStation 3. We also had a good time designing the puzzles and crafting the locations.

    We wanted the puzzles and mini-games to challenge players, but not be an obstacle to their progress, so logic was our guide. We also designed these elements to exploit the game’s supernatural setting in unexpected ways.

    The PlayStation Move Motion Controller brings a fun dynamic to the hidden object scenes in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death. Using the controller, you can drag and drop items, giving these portions of the game a tactile feel. If you prefer to use your DualShock controller, you have that option as well.


    Visually, we aimed high. Sony’s support of HD graphics allowed our artists to cram as much detail as they pleased into each scene. One of the best moments for us while making the game was seeing the visual acuity of their rendering of Hell on an HDTV television screen.

    We also wanted the game to be easy to navigate, so once again, we turned to the PlayStation Move, which the player can use to travel from one location to another.

    From writing the story, to designing the game, to utilizing the advanced features of the PlayStation 3, making Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death was a pleasure. If you give the game a shot, let us know what you think below. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have.

    Just don’t ask us how to say the spell that started it all. We’d like to keep Lilit where she belongs!


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