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hellslave Aug 29, 2013

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    So I've been hexing my Brotherhood save as described/shown in this video:

    But I'm having trouble with that last part. If I place FFFF on either side of the 5C (which is already outside the area where my money value is located), the game hangs when trying to load. I've searched Google far and wide and can't come up with anything else BUT that very old video. ...and before you ask, I'm modding my money this way because not a single ACB editor that I've come across has worked (including the one I found at this site, even).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


    I didn't know that the video would be embedded; here's the instructions that go along with it:

    "this video is a proof of a money hack on xbox 360 version of AC:Brotherhood...
    you need a pendrive, an hexeditor, an xbox filesystem reader, a rehasher & resigner.... and a brain!
    for the advanced users: i can reach 999.999.999f in three steps
    1.: change with FFFF the amount of money that i had
    2.: with 65.535f, i've sold something (or steal money from people) to increase this amount and allow the game to insert another couple of hex code.
    3.: this new amount has been changed with FFFFFF
    4.: now the same at point two but with 16.777.215 initial (steal or sell something)
    5.: the last was a little bit more difficult... the game insert a strange 5C value inside... at least i've inserted FFFF5CFFFF... AND THE RESULT IS IN THE VIDEO... enjoy!"

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