HELP REQUEST!--XcomEU iso rebuild and extrenal hd loading.

agnthvc Oct 29, 2012

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    Oct 10, 2012
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    I am a NOOB to modding and rebuilding an iso and then loading it into my ext hd to run from usb on my jtag/rgh.

    I have searched and asked and posted and emailed and pm to those that say the want to help but only to no get an anwer or be riddiculed because i am a NOOB at doing this.

    Simply, i need to know how i can do this. If you would please help me i would galdly appreciate it.
    I have the COALESCED-INT files for XCOM iso modding. I have wx360 and have extracted the files
    and replaced/madded the original file with the modded ones. i rebuil the iso and AGBX SAYS ITS NEED EVEN AN XBOX360 ISO. I want to godfile the iso when i can finally rebuild it correctly.

    can you please give me all the steps to get this done? thank you, and i am sure others would like to know how to do this also.

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