HELP! HD Texture installation - DD Dark Arisen

jjpink Jun 24, 2013

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    Disclaimer: I've already read a lot of threads here about this but nothing seems to work.

    - I have a JTAG Xbox 360 and I run my games using an external HDD with Freestyle Dash.
    - I downloaded my DD Dark Arisen game online from iMars.
    - I extracted the 2 ISO files using Xbox Backup Creator (as I normally do with my other games).
    - The game is running 100% w/o any issues.
    - My main root is usb0: (since I use an ext hdd) NOT hdd1:

    The problem - I'm unable to install the HD texture pack and Japanese voice pack from disc 2.

    I already tried placing the 2 files inside content folder after extracting it from disc 2 to this directory - usb0:content/0000000000000000/43430814/00000002,

    Still it doesn't seem to work, coz graphics is still ugly and no option for Japanese voice in settings.

    Considering all the condition and status of my Xbox mentioned above,

    Am I missing something? am I doing something wrong?

    Please need everyone's help :(

    Thank you.

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