HBO Go Coming Soon to PS3 and PS4

ADDZ Jan 17, 2014

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    HBO Go Coming Soon to PS3 and PS4

    Many Sony console owners have waited at long last to hear these words. During a Buzzfeed event in New York, HBO network CEO Richard Plepler has announced that the popular HBO Go app will be coming soon to PS3 and PS4. The service has been a Microsoft console exclusive for the past few years now, but PlayStation Blog reports that the wait is finally over for the PS crowd to have their turn. Do you want to enjoy the wonders of award-winning series like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, and Game of Thrones on demand? As long as you're a current HBO subscriber you will be able to very soon!


    For those that don't know how HBO Go works, it's essentially a Netflix clone limited to HBO programming. You can watch popular shows that are no longer airing on TV, and new episodes are added just minutes after their live broadcasts have begun. The only major hitch is that you must use a valid login from your cable provider to access the app. For example, those of you with Verizon or Comcast email accounts would use those credentials as your username and password. After that, a wealth of amazing content is yours to enjoy at no additional cost beyond your monthly bill.

    As far as release dates are concerned, it's been said that a PS3 app will be launching soon, with a PS4 version coming shortly thereafter. With any luck we'll be all set to enjoy HBO on PlayStation platforms sometime before the Thrones premiere in April!

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