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Clockw0rk Jul 26, 2014

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    Hi there.

    I'ev been using 360Revolution on and off for over a year now. Usually I don't touch it for several months until I come back to a major gaming session.

    I happen to work at a software company at my day job (just support, not coding), and I've noticed a few things a *little* off with 360Revolution. Please consider the following as helpful suggestions:

    No version number displayed in the product
    So far that I can see, there's no way to see what version of 360Revolution you're running when the program is up. "Help" launches the website, and Settings shows special thanks but no version info.

    File details of the executible are out of date/wrong
    Supposedly I'm running 3.0.4, but the file version in Properties > Details shows it as file version and Product version Copyright shows 2013.

    The download page is outdated
    The main download landing page lists the latest availible version as 3.0.2, but the 360Revolution Discussion forum says that the current version is 3.0.4

    Latest version release forum post isn't stickied
    As a result, the 3.0.0 beta post, 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 release posts are actually above the 3.0.4 post, which would confuse some people seeking the latest version

    Application is unsigned
    I know this bit costs money and most people don't care, but having a signed application eases security fears, improves your standing with many AV programs, and looks more professional.

    No installer
    It would be nice to have an installer to place the application in a standard folder, slap in some start menu entries, make an MSI entry, perform a pre-install check for .net 4.0 and alert people if they don't have it, have a simple EULA that stipulates the software is "AS-IS" with no liability for damage or dataloss, etc.

    I think the work done here is great, and my gaming hobby is definitely better for it, but I think there's a lot of relatively simple things that could be done to elevate the quality and usability of the software to both appease current users and earn new ones.


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