Halo: Master Chief Collection gets new 523MB patch

Bullet Nov 27, 2014

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    Microsoft has rolled out another patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which weighs in at 523MB and contains fixes for the matchmaking issues the game has been plagued with since its launch on 11th November.

    343 has attempted to fix the matchmaking issues before with a massive day one patch that weighed in at almost 20GB and failed to fix the game.

    More patches are on the way say 343i , check out the patch notes for this patch below:

    • Made improvements to the way the matchmaking system handles player matching
    • Made improvements to the team selection process to improve team balancing
    • Made an update to the party system to improve searching with parties (2+ players)
    • Made further improvements to how matchmaking progress is communicated to the player
    • Made an update to ensure that players do not enter a non-joinable state after searching for a match
    • Made an update to ensure that the "Game Session" UI does not persist after leaving a matchmaking lobby
    • Resolved a variety of incorrectly displayed matchmaking prompts
    • Improved matchmaking roster presentation during team creation phase to remove roster flickering
    • Corrected a "connecting to host" message that incorrectly displayed during the matchmaking searching phase
    • Made an update to ensure that FFA players do not appear as if they are on the red team in the pre-game lobby
    Party, Lobby, and Custom Games
    • Made an update to ensure that custom game settings persist between matches
    • Made an update to ensure that player's player emblems load correctly when returning to lobby
    • Made an update to improve nameplate and emblem display
    • Improved the display of emblems in the "Games Session Details" screen
    • Made improvements to parties to ensure that parties are merged when the host joins another player and "brings party"
    • Made an update to improve party stability after completing a matchmaking game
    • Made an update to ensure that players are joinable after playing a matchmaking game
    • Made a variety of updates to improve UI stability
    • Resolved stability issues that occurred while viewing medals in "Player Details"
    • Made an update to prevent stability issues caused by controller disconnects
    • Made an update to improve post-game-carnage-report stability
    • Made an update to address in-game stability for Halo 2
    • Improved matchmaking stability while searching with parties (2+ players)
    • Addressed a crash that could occur after searching in the Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble playlist
    • Resolved a variety of miscellaneous stability issues to improve overall performance
    • Made an update to ensure that the "Zealot" achievement is unlockable
    It remains to be seen if this patch actually fixes the matchmaking issues or not, let us know in the comments below if this patched worked for you.
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