Halo 4: To Infinity And Beyond

Bullet Aug 12, 2012

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    The UNSC Infinity is perhaps the most significant addition to the Halo Universe since the announcement of The Reclaimer Trilogy. It plays three crucial roles in Halo 4 and looks set to influence both Halo 5 & 6. Here's how:

    War Games
    The abstract multiplayer matches of previous Halo titles are no more, instead teams of Spartans are pitched against one another in simulated War Games on board the titanic 3km vessel. It's a brilliant framing device, which brings fan fiction to the fore and changes how players think about multiplayer forever.

    Spartan Ops
    From this ship, players will also set off on the series' first bespoke co-op campaign mode, a foray into episodic gaming known as Spartan Ops. Each week a new episode will be released comprising five missions. If successful, this could very well become an industry standard.

    Single Player Campaign
    The Infinity is also integral to Halo 4's campaign. In Microsoft's E3 trailer we see the Infinity crash land on the shield world Requiem, pursued by a mysterious orb-like craft. Here we meet up again with the Chief, who tracks the spaceships's path. How will MC interact with the technically superior Spartan IVs? All will be revealed come November 6.

    Source: http://www.moreconsole.com/2012/08/halo-4-to-infinity-and-beyond.html
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    I can't wait! Big Halo fan here. Hope they make some improvements though. I believe Halo 2 was the best multiplayer experiance.

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