Halo 2 Anniversary set for Xbox One

Rocky Jan 30, 2014

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    An Xbox One remake of Microsoft's 2004 shooter Halo 2 is in development, CVG understands.


    Sources with an insight into Microsoft's software plans indicated that 'Halo 2: Anniversary' would be released in November 2014, to coincide with the tenth birthday of the Bungie original.

    The title first came to light via a whistle blowing NeoGAF post, which CVG sources were able to partially verify.

    An anonymous poster on the popular forum went on to claim that the Anniversary sequel would include access to a future Halo beta test and a new live-action show, similar to 2012's Forward Unto Dawn, however CVG was unable to verify these specific claims.

    The Anniversary release could potentially rule out a full Halo sequel arriving before 2015.

    Microsoft declined to comment on this story.

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was released for Xbox 360 in 2011 to mark a decade since the release of the Xbox original.

    The remake was developed in collaboration between 343 Industries, Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity and featured rebuilt visuals, online play and Kinect support. CVG understands the same studios are behind the Xbox One sequel.

    Asked in 2013 about the possibility of an Anniversary follow-up, Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer claimed the platform holder had "discussed" the possibility.

    "I'll be open," Spencer told IGN. "We have discussions about it. It's more about the right time and making sure that we really would do the right thing for the franchise.

    "The Halo Anniversary that we did was as much about the launch of the first Xbox as well. It was a culmination of many things coming together. It would probably run out of steam if we were trying to think about, 'Okay, what's 10 years old now?'.

    "It's definitely more from the game itself, the experience that we're able to bring to market. Less about 'is the last digit a zero?' in terms of its anniversary."

    Source - CVG

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