Preview Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost screens and information released.

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    The four-part Flame and Frost storyline for Guild Wars 2 will close with Retribution, next week, and to get you ready for it, Arenanet has sent out a batch for screenshots and some general information for the conclusion. Hit up the break to become acquainted with everything.


    Guide to Flame and Frost: Retribution per Arenanet:
    • Beta Custom Arenas 1-2— This month, we’re introducing two beta features for testing on our live servers: custom arenas and spectator mode.
    • BrahamsMaceLarge—Four new Retribution weapon skins are available in the Gem Store, including Braham’s Mace.
    • Guild Siege Weapon —Your guild can purchase powerful World vs. World siege weapons that bear your guidl’s emblem.
    • Molten Boss 1-3 —Players will encounter two fearsome Molten Alliance bosses in the Molten Facility story dungeon. These foes combine the fiery power of the charr Flame Legion with the industrial know-how of the dredge.
    • Molten Facility 1-2—Accompany the norn hero Braham and the charr ranger Rox on a subterranean raid into the Molten Alliance’s weapons facilities.
    • RoxShortBowLarge—Four new Retribution weapon skins are available in the Gem Store, including Rox’s Shortbow.
    • Rox_Loading Screen —Concept art of Rox, the charr ranger who plays a pivotal role in the final chapter of the Flame & Frost series.
    • Sonic Blast—The Molten Alliance enemies you face during Retribution come equipped with hybrid weaponry, like this Flame Legion charr with a sonic blast.
    • Sonic Tunneling Tool—Players will be able to purchase a Sonic Tunneling Tool from the Gem Store, a device that will allow them to travel for short distances underground!

    Source VG247.


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