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Alex Hutchinson Dec 9, 2012

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    I would just like to say that first off this is aimed at the beginners so all the average good people on this site dont complain if its not how you would of made it.

    Whats up Guys its Osamabinasda here today im going to be giving you a guide to Halo 4 Multiplayer.

    So to get started your going to need to learn the maps i cant help you here just play the game you will learn them with time just learn the weapon spawns were they are straight when the game starts and you will find **** alot easier.

    [align=center]How To Play[/align]
    Now you might be used to your average run and gun type game well sorry to say that doesn't work on halo you run into a battle you will loose the number one rule is to play as a team if you cant do that this isn't the game for you go back to cod now you have a couple roles to decide to play as.

    Role 1. Main Slayer
    The main slayer will be the guy who can take down multipul players at once then evade the combat situation to get to saftey.

    Role 2 Support player.
    The support player will be the guy who hangs back or finds a better position to help his team kill the enemy if you get some kills good for you the main part of this role is that you help your team survive and you call out any player that slips past you

    Role 3 Support Slayer
    The support slayer is a mix of both roles basically a beast of a player (The role i play)
    Gameplay of how to use this role is in the below spoiler

    So what you should be doing is when you get into a combat situation is to be strategic don't chase people just because you put 2 shots in him and he ran off he will be letting his shield recharge and will be luring you into a trap only chase if you close enough to him that he cant escape and Flubber you in the ass.

    When in a battle if he is going to beat you try and escape the situation making sure you dont die use the radar in the bottom left coner of the map that can save your ass and can give you vital information

    You should be always working as a team if your not doing that your going to loose you need to help your team even if you or they dont have a mic try to stay with them or follow them but take a different path and assist them with the person there shooting so many times ive put some one to one shot and im 3/4 dead they have ran off and one of there fully healed team mates clear me up its a good strategy and you should try to get into it

    the number one rule when you get into a battle strafe if you don't know what that is follow this video it will explain everything also if you know what it is but have trouble using it still watch the video

    [align=center]Your loadout(Custom Class)[/align]
    Your load outs (Custom Classes) Should be all precision weapons they are so powerfull in this game and halo was built so that precision weapons dominated the game Like the BR (Battle Rifle) and the DMR here im going to give you my load outs and why you should use them

    Loadout 1
    Primary Weapon:BR
    Secondary weapon DMR (you need the Firepower tactical package for 2 main weapons if you dont have it yet use the magnum)
    Armor ability:Regeneration Field
    Tactical Package:Firepower
    Suppoert Package:Awarenes

    Loadout 2
    Primary Weapon: Covenant Carbine
    Secondary Weapon: LightRifle (If you havn't unlocked these weapons use a BR or DMR or Magnum again you need Firepower tactical package)
    Tactical Package:Firepower
    Support Package:Awareness

    [align=center]Controller Layout[/align]
    This is very important and can help you so much with the default settings when your in a battle and your strafing and you want to really confuse him you want to jump but you cant because if you take your thumb off your aim thumbstick you will loose your shot same when you want to beat him down. Now if you change your settings to er jumper you can Jump beat down and throw grenades with out having to take your finger off your aim button how it works is you jump with LB throw grenades with LT and beat down with RB and Shoot with RT so you will and reload with B so you never have to worry about loosing your aim

    Well i hope you enjoyed this guide if you liked it just leave a comment thanks for reading see you on the battlefield.

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