Guess I should do the "proper" introduction....

ThatGuyYouKnow Oct 14, 2012

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    SO HIT THE MUSIC.....!

    HIT THE MUSIC.......

    Music? Hello? God, going to fire that sound tech. Any who, hi there everyone. Had some spare time in the midst of packing and cleaning so I thought I would type something up here so you can all pass judgement. Er, uh, I mean so you can all come to love me. *insert cute puppy face*

    My name is, for all intensive purposes, ThatGuy. I'm pretty cheesy and can be very raunchy. I was told that for the job that I had in the army (intel) that those traits were slated as a requirement, that and a good sense of paranoia. Good to know I did something right, ha.

    What else.....? Oh, Texas boy born and raised. All the attitude with none of the stereotype. Texas-Lite. Tried to break out to see the country a bit but always ended up back home. Still have dreams of back-packing but the years are getting shorter and shorter. Or maybe they just feel that way, with all the stupid things I have done in my life I feel older than I rightfully should, but such is life.

    But now I must depart and either clean or look for saves with much alloys and elerium so that the second play through isn't as brutal.
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    Loving the Intro Thatguy....

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums...

    Enjoy Borderlands 2 ;)

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