GTA V Hits PC March, Details and Specs Revealed

Bullet Jan 13, 2015

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    Rockstar have today announced that PC gamers will be able to go wreak havoc in Los Santos when GTA V arrives March the 24th. When playing the PC version you will be able to play online with up to 30 other people. The PC version will also release with heists from day one and will also include the Rockstar Editor, which will give players “a full suite of editing tools to create and publish gameplay clips direct to both Social Club and Youtube.”


    The PC version will run at 1080p and 60fps with up to 4K resolution and support for up to triple monitor configurations, you can see the game in 4k resolution in the screenshots which Rockstar posted on the official Newswire blog.


    Rockstar have released the minimum and recommended specs for GTAV for PC which you can see below.
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