GTA V DLC T-Shirts unlocked before update

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    GTA players have found a way to discover what content will be in upcoming updates in GTA V, and the latest find suggests that we will be able to unlock GTA V retro radio T-shirts in a future DLC, however there is a method that allows you to unlock the content early..

    Domislive has leaked a lot of information about future GTA V DLC such as the GTA Heists and more. This time he has posted a tutorial on how to unlock the GTA V retro t-shirts which we have posted below.

    How To Unlock GTA V Retro T-shirts:

    Make sure you do not have a second character created to do this glitch.

    Start a single player game
    Press start, select online and select choose character.

    Create a new character, male or female doesn't matter.

    Play the tutorial up until Lamar asks you to go buy clothes from the clothes store.

    Once you brought some clothing , press start and select swap character.

    Swap to your first character

    You will be spawned into GTA online as your first character
    Go to online and swap character, select your second character.

    Now you need to disconnect from the internet either by removing your Ethernet cable if you are on an Xbox 360, or by signing out if you are on a PS3.

    You will now be booted back to single player mode.

    Now reconnect your Ethernet cable or sign back in.

    Press start and select your main character.

    Now switch your main character to the opposite gender.

    Now head to the clothing store which is opposite the strip club.

    Purchase a couple items.

    Go to special tops

    Select a retro or T-shirt.

    This method may also unlock other DLC content also, do this at your own risk!

    Now in order to swap your gender back and keep the new items you have unlocked you will need to do the following:

    Go to single player with your main character that you just unlocked the content for.

    Choose character and delete the secondary character you created to do this glitch.
    Create a new character.
    Do the tutorial and end it at the point Lamar asks you to go to the clothing shop.
    Press start and swap character.
    Select your main character

    Once you spawn online switch back to your second character.
    When asked if you want to alter your characters appearance, disconnect from online using the above method.
    Again you will be booted to single player.

    Connect your Ethernet cable, or sign back in again.

    Select your main character

    You can now swap gender back to original.

    Many thanks to Domislive, you can watch his video guide here.
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