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GTA V could be delayed!

OfficialSilas Aug 24, 2014

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    Jan 11, 2014
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    GTA V, One of the most bought out games delivered this year. With waits for tower heist and other stuff that was ment to be released this year, a even bigger blow is among us with the possibility of GTA V to be delayed until 2015.

    New GTA V rumors seem to indicate Rockstar might have to delay the release on our next gen-consoles. But sadly, the game might be released very early into 2015.

    As you've all known, GTA V has almost been our on the 360, and Playstation for almost 1 year. Most people are starting to pre-order there copied of GTA V in Australia like crazy. But when? when will they get there hands on the game? Us gamers have only seen the trailer for the next gen console and that's basically it. Maybe, Rockstar needs some more time to bump the graphics and quality to meet the next generation's console standards?

    For people who have been searching around for a real release date for GTA V, they're sadly no real dates intill Rockstar releases one. European websites are saying GTA V will be released on November 7. Maybe they're right? but it seems most likely it won't and Rockstar will be in complete silence on GTA V doesn't bode well for us and will see the game be released early next year.

    For all you XPG GTA V gamers, please share your thoughts below about this delay. In my opinion, maybe the delay will give us better things to come for next year. Thanks for reading.

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