GTA Online: The High Life Update Out Now We Have All The Details

Bullet May 13, 2014

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    The high life is finally here and its time to enjoy it for free! This update sees the addition of cars from story mode added to online mode, new clothes, a new weapon, new high end apartments as well as bug fixes. So lets take a closer look at what this update gives us in depth:

    Ok so first up we get a whopping 10 additional vehicles from Story Mode which are now available for the first time in GTA Online You will find these high end cars on the car sales websites at and, they will be marked as High life...
    • Bravado Banshee Topless
    • Inverto Coquette Topless
    • Vapid Dominator Ocelot F620
    • Schyster Fusilade
    • Maibatsu Penumbra
    • Ubermacht Sentinel XS
    • Ubermacht Sentinel (Convertible)
    • Grotti Stinger Topless
    • Coil Voltic Topless
    There are also some new cars available from Legendary Motorsport

    • Enus Huntley S (SUV),
    • Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports),
    • Pegassi Zentorno (Super)
    You can now have multiple apartments, and multiple garages so you will need more vehicles to fill them up right? Don't like four wheels, well how about something from the 2 wheeled variety?

    • Dinka Thrust
    You got a lot of high end vehicles, you need something to protect them so head over to Ammu-Nation and pick yourself up a new weapon for a cool $14210

    • Bullpup Rifle
    You are really living the high life now, but you need a new crib so head over to and choose one of the new apartments which has a 10 car garage!

    Eclipse Towers in Vinewood
    Richards Majestic in Rockford Hills
    Tinsel Towers in Little Seoul
    4 Integrity Way in Downtown
    Del Perro Heights by the beach

    Here's the full patch notes that came with the High life update:


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