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Bullet Jun 26, 2014

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    DomIsLive strikes again with yet more GTA V leaked information. The last time this guy leaked information regarding 'GTA V' DLC he was bang on the money so although this latest information detailing multiplayer heists should be considered a rumor, just remember he does have a good track record.

    If DomIsLive leak information is true then we could be getting the long awaited multiplayer heists that we have all been patiently waiting for since the games release.

    Heists update:

    The time has come - all of your experiences have led up to this. It's here.
    Possse up with your crew and prepare to take down some of the biggest scores in the new heists update. With four all new heist missions: The Ornate Bank Heist, Blane County Bank Robbers, The Money Train, and capping it all off with the epic Maze Bank Takedown. Included with this update three new weapons, the Marston revolver, the Military Carbine, and many more.
    If you're feeling more morally inclined, take to the skies and chase down the robbers in the brand new Attack Helicopter!

    Prison van rescue - Criminals must intercept an NPC-driven van and free the gang member, then take him back to the gang house. 16 cops and 16 criminals can join the mission, which opens at rank 5 and is triggered by phone call.

    Drop off hooker - Blips will appear in player's territories. The player has to pick up a prostitute and drop her off within the time limit.

    Funeral - Gang members must escort a lieutenant's hearse through town. Rival gang members have to get in the hearse and destroy it. This triggers after the Escort Crook Boss if the boss is killed. Funeral home co ordinates are 410, - 1485.

    Territory Takeover - Players can fight to take over territory in-game. The territory produces a revenue stream for the owner.

    Fight Gangmate - Two teams fist fight with each other. The gang lieutenant gets two team mates to fight with as part of the initiation.

    Cop Territory - Cops are put into Territory Takeover missions without an option to turn it down.

    Ornate Bank Heist - Get behind the counter of the bank, hack into the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join this mission.

    FIB Grab - Abseil down the FIB tower, break in, download data, escape. 4 crew, 3 abseiler's, 1 driver, 16 cops and 4 criminals can partake in this mission. All four ride a helicopter to the FIB roof, three abseil down the tower, break through a window into the office, and hack a data terminal for classified data. Meanwhile, the driver dumps the chopper and picks up a getaway car to escape. The remaining players skydive out of the office to a getaway car. Cops join once crooks are inside the office, and try to arrest them. Two waves of AI agents enter based on the progress of the hack.

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    <span style="font-family:'times new roman', times, serif;">I think its fake, or probably the text from the update . The part where they name the weapons why would they name two and then say many more when they only need one more. I hope is real but I</span>wouldn't get my hopes up
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    <u>i think this is real they got us to hyped for these heists and they sound really bad i am not lookmng forward to them</u>

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