Preview GTA 5 o'clock: Mapping project - A virtual tour of Los Santos

xpghax May 31, 2013

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    in sidey's basement :(

    Following yesterday's brief introduction, today's GTA 5 o'clock video offers a detailed look at version 1.0 of our GTA 5 mapping project, and a virtual tour of Los Santos.

    We're creating a hi-res map of GTAV using 100s of official screens, trailer grabs, the snippets of the official map, the work of community forums, real life LA geography and our own eyes-on experience.
    You can download the map yourself here. If you spot something we've missed or any mistakes, add your corrections to the map based on your own evidence and send it back to us via Twitter at @GTAVoclock. We'll take a look, and integrate all the new additions into a fresh map V1.1, rolling into V.2 etc
    For our V1.0 unveiling episode of GTA 5 o'clock, we take a virtual drive around Los Santos and its surrounding countryside, taking in 28 key locations from the screenshots and trailers. We start from the Griffith Observatory, with a stunning vista of downtown Los Santos, heading down the Vinewood Hills toward Vespucci beach - looping back through downtown and out into the country.


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