Grand Theft Auto Online Freezing and Corruption issues hinder multiplayer modes

Bullet Oct 1, 2013

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    Today was a day of both excitement and great disappointment for a lot of Grand Theft Auto V fans as the wait to finally get online and play with friends turned into yet another wait, for the game to load!

    Many gamers have reported issues with game freeze and also characters being corrupted. To top it off Rockstar social club is down also.
    Here's just a few of the complaints:
    [quote name="XPGNightmare" post="438403" timestamp="1380626200"]
    So ive just done the character creation and continue and im at joining gta online screen now just been there for 3 min and i cant even join the server :wtf:[/quote][quote name="NullBy7e" post="438415" timestamp="1380627639"]
    Now i got it again and it froze up after I did my first online mission, it just froze again after that and had to to a full reboot.[/quote][quote name="darrencain" post="438419" timestamp="1380628311"]
    Disappointing. I created my character.. then it says loading, then it freezes.[/quote]

    There are reports of single player gamesave data being corrupted by these issues also. so be warned!
    So far Rockstar are yet to comment on the problem...
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