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sirenmichelle May 2, 2014

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    May 2, 2014
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    Hi, I have been playing with the commando and somehow in the gibbed editor I was able to increase ammo capacities.
    I only ever play single player offline.
    I'm playing the siren again and I don't know how to get the huge amount of ammo for her.
    Can some one please give me a rundown on how to do this.
    Regards from sirenmichelle. :wallbash:

    It took a while but I stumbled onto the answer.
    In the Gibbed Editor, open the Raw tab, click on resource data, click on the down arrow on the right side of the window, there are several lines of the words "Resource data" and there is a number at the top of the list in the right pane of that particular window and those numbers can be manipulated to increase your ammo supplies.
    Hope that helps others. And don't do it in online games.

    I want to add that this info is incorrect. After googling for the tenth time I finally found a comment on youtube that gave me the exact runthrough on how to do it.
    Some people have probs where the answer doesn't work and others say it does work. I am hopeless with software, so I apologise for wasting anyones time.

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