Gears of War Remastered: Backwards Compatibility and Beta

Nasyr Aug 24, 2015

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    Microsoft has recently released as of Monday that you will be getting a little incentive for buying the remastered game of Gears of War. The game off Ultimate Edition will give you the original series full access of the games itself. This offer will be for a decent few months so it's not something you will miss immediately if you don't catch this article right away. The offer goes from August 25th 2015 - December 31st 2015. Good thing about the Ultimate Edition is that is that it will add new achievable content for those gamer score grabbers to get. Things like new DLC content like bonus maps and achievements as well as missions.
    All of the original Gears of War from 1-3 including Judgement will be available on the Xbox One when backwards compatibility is officially released for all people to take advantage of. For Gears of War 4 there will be a great multiplayer beta all can attach themselves to when the time comes closer for that games release. The beta will show you most of the game as it will be a test for anything wrong on there game and many are interested in this so, be ready to grab your code when it comes up! ​
    What do you think of this backwards compatibility Microsoft is offering? ​
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