Gears Of War 4: Cole Train Making A Return On Xbox One

Bullet Jul 5, 2014

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    If a recent Tweet from 'Lester Speight' is to be believed it would seem that the Cole Train could be making a return in the next Gears of War.
    Lester Speight played the voice of the larger than life Augustus Cole, aka the Cole Train.

    Private Augustus "Cole Train" was once a successful Thrashball player that joined the military after the Emergence Day.
    As a Gear soldier, Cole brought that same intensity and insanity to the battlefield, as he once displayed on the Thrashball field.
    He brash ways won Gears Of War fans over and he has a massive fan base that will be overjoyed to see their favorite character make a return to the Gears Of War franchise.

    Speight is teasing fans with images of him dual wielding Golden lancers:

    When asked by fans if he had been approached to play Cole for GOW4 he simply replied:

    I don't know about you , but I really hope that Cole Train is back in Gears Of War 4!
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